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Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi

Bio – Ralph Bakshi:

The artistic development of Ralph Bakshi encompasses more than 70 years. He is a self-taught artist who was initially inspired by The Ashcan School, and later by the Abstract Expressionists, who saw painting as a pure expression of emotion. New York City provided the physical and cultural environment that nurtured Bakshi’s imagination and that of his contemporaries. Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon and Chiam Soutine were his strongest influences…..

Zeea Adams

Our Co-host

Zeea Adams – coloring career started under the tutelage of her artist/painter father Neal Adams and colorist mother Cory Adams. She started coloring, naturally, on Continuity Comics with the occasional stint at Valiant and Red Line Comics. She worked both using watercolors and, later, Photoshop. Zeea also colored the Betty Boop Landmark calendars from 1996-2000 (so fun!). When things went digital, Neal and Zeea pioneered advertising animatics, techniques that years later would be adapted for motion comics. Always having the most fun with special effects and explosions, she joined in to work on the last 3 episodes of The Astonishing X-Men: Gifted motion comic. Zeea now finds the greatest pleasure in returning to her coloring roots.

Phil Dejean

Our Show Host

Phil Dejean is an art teacher in a Manhattan public middle/high school, where he uses his own life experiences and training to help and inspire others to identify and cope with challenges that they face.

Phil has also established a name for himself as a veteran in public Access TV, for over 20 years now, with his show, “Checkerboard Kids”. His show interview/variety show, at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, includes feature interviews with community personalities and new bands and musicians.

Phil Dejean on Twitter @checkerphil
Phil from the Checkerboard Kids
Gotham producer at Manhattan Neighborhood Network – MNN: https://youtu.be/w_-wACyviIk

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Upcoming D2D Events

Dare2Draw ZOOM-tube with Ralph Bakshi [Fundraiser For Covid-19]

Ralph Bakshi

Dare2Draw Remote COVID-19 Fundraiser - The COVID-19 pandemic has created much chaos and destruction and we all still have a long way to go.

About this Event:

Date and Time: Sat, May 30, 2020 - 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Zoom-tube Chat and Q&A with ICONOCLAST Ralph Bakshi!

[please submit your questions for Ralph, in advance of the event]

dark horse comics

All tickets purchased and donations will receive the Dark Horse Comics - Comix bundle!

The Mask: "I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask" - issues #1 - 4 (in advance of the event).

Artist - Patric Reynolds

Writer - Christopher Cantwell

Lettering by  Nate Piekos from BLAMBOT

Colors by LEE Loughrideg


Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi


Bakshi made his name and living via animated films, comic strips, advertising and cartooning beginning from a young age - all in pursuit of supporting his insatiable drive for creating art. He was either going to be living on the street as an artist or be an artist with a paycheck. Luckily, he was able to marry both his artistic passions with a real job right out of Manhattan's School of Industrial Arts in NYC...

More about Ralph Bakshi

Official website

Welcome to our Virtual ?️ D2D ZOOM-tube fundraiser series!
Here at Dare2Draw, we always do things a bit differently –

This Virtual Dare2Draw fundraiser series is designed with a few things in mind, to bring us together during these difficult and strange times we're all going through, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We're bringing you our live studio events virtually, online, so we can continue to Dare2Draw, together!

Join us for an interesting and fun interactive experience and help raise some funding to keep the Dare2Draw going, as we all get to the other side of this pandemic.

Also, your contribution will provide some small support for one lucky creator participating in the "Quick Draw" Challenge, with our CreatorCODE 50/50 raffle - from half of what we raise from the ticket sales (see rules). The Dare2Draw will use the other half of the ticket sales, to continue our programming and events.

Our Special Guest Mentoring Creator, Ralph Bakshi, will join us for his first interview in five years! ?

After you purchase your fundraiser ticket, you'll receive in your inbox a secure ZOOM registration link, with all the details and a code for a free digital comics bundle from Dark Horse Comics!

Dare2Draw's Zoom-tube fundraiser brings our CreatorCode support, with a 50/50 Raffle designed to help creators, now.

Part 1 - Zoom-tube Chat and Q&A with Director Ralph Bakshi!
Part 2 - The "Quick Draw" 30 min. Challenge (subject TBD)
Part 3 - The Raffle ?️ - One lucky audience creator gets 50% of the money raised from the “creatorCODE Raffle” - instant help!


You'll get the subject for the "Quick Draw" Challenge and then have 30 minutes to create your drawing, during Part 2. You can use your computer or paper with weapon of choice! Once completed, submit your drawing online or take a photo with your phone to submit.

(Must be Zooming with us and participate in the Quick Draw challenge to be eligible for the CreatorCode 50/50 raffle)

art by ...Awesome B&W art by Artist - Patric Reynolds [Not actual Covid-19 virus: green cartoon actor]

art by ...Awesome B&W art by Artist - Patric Reynolds [Not actual Covid-19 virus: green cartoon actor]


All tickets purchased and donations will receive a Dark Horse Comics Comix bundle!

The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask issue #1 - #4, by Artist: Patric Reynolds, Writer: Christopher Cantwell, Lettering: Nate Piekos from BLAMBOT , and Colorist: LEE Loughrideg

***WARNING - Note! that this comic is pretty darn violent!!

This is a work in progress ~ thank you for your support and patience. ~ Sincero
art by ...Awesome B&W art by Artist - Patric Reynolds [Not actual Covid-19 virus: green cartoon actor]

D2D Email list: http://goo.gl/pElQ9R

Big Thanks to the Will Eisner family, Dark Horse Comics, Accent UK Comics, Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Jerry's Artarama...Google and the Youtube Space NY

dare2draw, covid-19

The interactive mentoring Dare2Draw is back! With Peter Kuper & Hosted by Phil Dejean & Zeea Adams! on Saturday November 16th

peter kuper, heart of darkness

We’re happy to welcome the one and only Peter Kuper to our distinguished list of D2D mentors! 

Peter Kuper is a renowned comix creator and illustrator, best known for his autobiographical, political and social observations. He creates images that make us think and question our place in the current world, with excellent humor and wit.

Peter Kuper will be joining us at our next interactive event, for this unique series of creator drawing experiences, at MNN Studios.

All basic drawing supplies will be provided (please feel free to bring your drawing weapon of choice).

The Quick Draw Challenge theme will be posted on the Dare2Draw twitter feed 24 hrs before the taping of the show. 

Housekeeping - for this series of Dare2Draw events @MNN Studios, your drawing participation is key. As a part of our studio audience, we invite you to come draw with us, have some fun and smile - you’ll be on TV creating a digital echo of this experience with us.

These events are designed for creators to network and participate - all levels are welcomed. 
Please ONLY RSVP if you plan to come dare2draw with us and participate in this unique experience with mentoring artist Peter Kuper at MNN Studios, in NYC, on Saturday, 11/16.
This FREE ticketed event is supported by the Dare2Draw Pop-Up ShoP around NYC by Military Veterans.
We look forward to seeing you, soon!
~Sincero and the D2D team

Sign up for our email list HERE to get details.

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Past Dare2Draw Creator Code Guests

Pete LePage

From Pete’s BIO on his site pete-lepage.squarespace.com/about:

PETE LEPAGE is a comedian and writer. He is currently on the PIT house team Joan Wilder and co-hosts the popular Tuesday night talk show Comic Book Club (Guests have included SNL’s Bill Hader and Seth Myers). It is featured on the nerdist channel. He has submitted jokes to SNL’s Weekend Update, as well as “Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn.” Pete wrote, produced and performed in “Police Procedures,” a long-running show for Channel 101 and has performed in all the major clubs in New York City. He was awarded funniest comic of the month at Comic Strip Live. He has studied improv at UCB, Second City, and The PIT and was awarded The PIT’s Ensemble Member of the Year for 2007. He wrote and performed with The Nefarious Popes a NYC Favorite comedy troupe. He also taught improv on the television show “Blind Date.” He currently teaches Improv class at the PIT and has been performing improv, stand-up and sketch comedy for 12 years.

Gamal Hennessy

Gamal Hennessy, dare2draw

From Gamal’s BIO on the site CreativeContractConsulting.com:

I am an experienced entertainment transactions attorney with an expertise in comic book publishing and comic IP licensing. During my career, I’ve represented major corporate clients including AfterShock, Amazon, Mad Cave Studios, and Marvel, as well as independent entertainment professionals and independent publishers. Central Park Media gave me my first real taste of entertainment law. As general counsel of a startup publishing company, I acted as the sole owner of all drafting and negotiating of international IP licenses, work for hire agreements and statements of work associated with anime and manga production. Our catalog included everything from the painfully tragic Grave of the Fireflies to the infamous Legend of the Overfiend and everything in between.

Simon Fraser

simon fraser, dare2draw

From Simon’s BIO on his site SimonFraser.net:

I draw comics and I come from Scotland. I am best known for travelling a lot and drawing The Adventures of Nikolai Dante for 2000AD. Though I have drawn Dr Who comics , Judge Dredd, Lux & Alby, Family, Hellhouse and many other things. I am currently working on Lilly Mackenzie’s adventures and running the ACTIVATEcomix.com webcomics collective. I speak French, Italian & Kiswahili ( quite badly )

Alitha Evelyn Martinez

Alitha Evelyn Martinez – Her professional career began in 1999, penciling Iron Man for Marvel Entertainment. Since then, she has worked on titles such as X-Men; Black Sun; Marvel Age Fantastic Four; Black Panther; Voltron; NBC’s Heroes; New 52 Bat Girl; Archie Comic’s New Crusaders; and, currently, WWE Superstars and WWE Slam City for Paper Cutz. She has been constantly working on larger projects and graphic novels, including – Vampire My Boyfriend Bites; Kung Fu Masters; Quest for Dragon Mountain for Lerner Publications; also, Political cartooning for the New York Post. In her spare time, she works on her creator-owned titles, Yume and Ever, Foreign, and Ningyo, which she publishes through her own boutique company, Ariotstorm Productions, LLC.

Steven Zelin

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From Steven’s BIO on his site StevenZelin.com:

Steven Zelin CPA is the founder of Steven Zelin CPA LLC. Born and raised in New York City, Steven (aka The Singing CPA) has been a licensed CPA for over fifteen years. He has an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.S. in Accountancy. Steven has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Long Island University. Steven conducts many seminars each year on The Business of Being an Artist, and Tax Tips for Small Businesses. He is active on the Not-for-Profit and Taxation of Individuals committees of the New York State Society of CPAs, and is the chair of the CPA Career Committee.

Fred Harper

fred harper, Dare2Draw.org

From Fred Harper’s BIO on his site FredHarper.com:

Fred Harper has illustrated stories for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Most memorable (at least to Fred) would be penciling for Animal Man at DC Vertigo. He started out with Savage Sword of Conan, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange at Marvel Comics. He went on to do illustrations for White Wolf and Magic the Gathering as he transitioned to magazine illustrations for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Week, SPORT, The Sporting News, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health, Muscular Development, and Sports Illustrated… to name a few. Fred currently resides in an apartment where he conducts experiments about the effects of copious amounts of espresso on an artist’s brain. Results have been inconclusive, but sometimes secrets take time for the beans to spill.

Peter Kuper

About Peter Kuper [BIO]

Peter Kuper’s work appears regularly in The New Yorker, The Nation, and Mad, where he has written and illustrated “Spy vs. Spy” – every issue since 1997. He is the co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated, a political comix magazine, now in its 40th year of publication. He has produced over two dozen books, including Sticks and Stones, The System, Diario de Oaxaca, Ruins (winner of the 2016 Eisner Award) and adaptations of many of Franz Kafka’s works into comics, including The Metamorphosis. His most recent graphic novel is Kafkaesque (winner of the 2018 Reuben Award) and an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which will be available November 5th, 2019.

Peter has lectured extensively throughout the world and has taught comics and illustration courses at Parsons, The School of Visual Arts and Harvard University’s first class dedicated to graphic novels. A frequent guest at literary festivals, Peter enjoys traveling the world, but will always call New York City his home.

More about Peter Kuper: http://www.peterkuper.com/

Zeea Adams

Zeea’s coloring career started under the tutelage of her artist/painter father Neal Adams and colorist mother Cory Adams. She started coloring, naturally, on Continuity Comics with the occasional stint at Valiant and Red Line Comics. She worked both using watercolors and, later, Photoshop. Zeea also colored the Betty Boop Landmark calendars from 1996-2000 (so fun!). When things went digital, Neal and Zeea pioneered advertising animatics, techniques that years later would be adapted for motion comics. Always having the most fun with special effects and explosions, she joined in to work on the last 3 episodes of The Astonishing X-Men: Gifted motion comic. Zeea now finds the greatest pleasure in returning to her coloring roots.

Anthony Marques

Bio – Anthony Marques is a freelance comic book artist. A 2011 graduate of The Kubert School in Dover, NJ, freelance assignments include work for Dynamite Entertainment, IDW and Dark Horse on titles such as Doc Savage, Red Sonja, Back to the Future, Vampirella, Green Hornet and Ghostbusters. He has also worked as an instructor at The Kubert School, as an editor for Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics on multiple titles, and owns the long running Dewey’s Comic City in Madison, NJ.

Check him out on twitter and his home site for more, too!

Twitter @AnthonyMMarques

The Officail website for Anthony Marques

How Can You Be A Part Of The Dare2Draw?

Dare2Draw: Our Mission

The Dare2Draw is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating mentoring and networking opportunities for cartoonists of all levels, cultivating awareness of, and appreciation for the study of the sequential arts and the furthering and preserving of the comic book medium’s contribution to literacy, art and culture, through outreach programs, events and projects.

Donate To Dare2Draw

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Get Involved! That means pro’s, students, and everyone in between!

At the Dare2Draw events, seasoned professionals present lectures, demonstrations and Q&A’s, on all aspects of sequential art, from ‘acting’ for the comic book panels, to breaking down a script, figure drawing, anatomy, painting, gesture drawings and using different drawing techniques and mediums.

At the Dare2Draw, we always strive to stretch the borders of the possible and offer a way for all the attendees to expand their abilities by working together. To volunteer, donate, or to learn more on getting involved in the Dare2Draw please contact us here.


Dare2Draw Studios: An Intriguing Place For Sequential Art & Artists

At Dare2Draw Studios, we now have a structure in place to work with mentoring professionals, art schools, students and up-and-coming artists.

And our process of getting the word out, with the help of press and top-level full-stack marketing, makes for an invigorating resource for the comic book, cartooning, sequential art medium.

Cartoonists Help Each Other Get To, Stay At, & Collaborate At The Pro Level

At Dare2Draw Studios, we are all about helping Cartoonists bridge the gap to pro level, with the help of top professional talent in the comic book industry.

And we want to help bolster the creative talent at the top as well to ensure their continued work in the medium as well as future collaboration between a friendly and powerfully creative network.



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