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The Dare2Draw Mentoring Anthony: Plan B

We would like to thank you all for supporting this Dare2Draw Kickstarter campaign and this great, unique concept in mentoring the next generation of sequential artists.

Thank you for helping us bring the campaign to this point—you helped us beta test the mechanism required to be able to create such a groundbreaking mentoring series. This is just the beginning of the journey towards publishing the 1st volume.

1) We now have a structure in place to work with mentoring professionals, art schools, students and up-and-coming artists, as well as the process of getting the word out, with the help of press.

2) We’re currently in talks with publishers to print Volume 1 of the Mentoring Anthology Series: Nexus—and starting to work on Volume #2: Will Eisner's The Spirit.

It was heartwarming and wonderful to see the amount of attention to detail and professionalism that all the artists and mentors contributed, creating and collaborating on the material for this 80-page color celebration of Nexus.

Thank you to The Kubert School and all the wonderful staff and students.

The Mentors: Steve Rude, Mike Baron, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Brendan H. Wright, Amy Chu, Ron Marz, Corinna Bechko, Eric M. Esquivel, Alex de Campi, Teel James Glenn, and Jason Sterr; professional colorists Tom Zuiko, Paul Mounts, Marissa Louise, and Mildred Louis; letterer Dezi Sienty.

The Artists: Lynne Yoshii, Rory Smith, Earl Womack, Cecilia Liang, Idan Knafo, Elisa Féliz, Elliot Fernandez, Yifeng Jiang, Mike Harris, Han-Yuan, Yu, a.k.a. B.c.N.y, Erik Klaus, Yosam Cardenas, Anthony Ojeda, Jaime Botero, Bane Wade, Kenly Dillard, Kendal Gates, CJ Oeschele.

And a special thanks to Dark Horse Comics and Jaynelle Rude.

The Dare2Draw Team: 

Lisa B. Miller, Simon Fraser, Brendan H. Wright, Dezi Sienty and Charles D. Chenet.

Some Press about the #NewtalentMentoringAnthology!

Dare2Draw's First Mentoring Anthology, Featuring NEXUS!
Helping Cartoonists bridge the gap to pro level, with the help of top professional talent in the comic book industry.

On Kickstarter NOW! Until July 14th

We hope you will consider helping to fund this Kickstarter – with $5 -$10. Because if we all kick in a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza, we can get this funded - create something amazing and real that can support all cartoonists, young and old.

Support cartoonists. It doesn’t matter who you are: http://kck.st/1Ypoam

Dare2Draw's Founder Charles D Chenet and Dare2Draw's Resident Mentoring Artist Simon Fraser are joining forces with Brendan H. Wright, editor extraordinaire, to bring to you our first Dare2Draw New Talent Mentoring Anthology, Featuring Nexus!

Dare2Draw has teamed up with the Joe Kubert School and professional talent in the comics industry to launch this printed series. Each volume features an established, creator-owned character, and for our debut we've gotten the support of Steve Rude and Mike Baron to use their acclaimed creation Nexus! 

We’ve partnered with top professionals in the field to oversee the process and mentor our roster of amazing up-and-coming talent. The anthology showcases artists who have consistently shown their outstanding skills at the Dare2Draw program, as well as some of the top 3rd-year students from The Kubert School.

Writing these brand-new Nexus stories are a cross-section of comics’ sharpest talents, including Ron Marz, Alex De Campi, Corinna Bechko, Amy Chu, Eric M. Esquivel, Jason Sterr, and Teel James Glenn! Each has been teamed with an artist who will be one of the comics stars of tomorrow! Don’t miss Dare2Draw’s New Talent Mentoring Anthology, the only place to read these original Nexus stories and meet a new generation of great comics artists!